What got me in to engineering and cars?

My interest in engineering started when I was a very young boy. I loved Lego which progressed to Meccano, I loved to build things and the more complex the better. When I was 12 years old I started my first job as a paper boy only to earn some pocket money to buy some Scalextric track as I was getting bored of the cars going round and round on an oval track .

When I turned 14 years old I was now working 7 days a week doing morning, evening paper deliveries and working behind the counter serving customers. 

All this helped me fund my new hobby building model flying aeroplanes out of Balsa wood with proper little 2 stroke engines. Later this progressed into Radio Conrolled cars, these were far more expensive but still I had to build them from scratch and spray them so they looked good.

So I supposed these early hobbies got me interested in engineering as I love solving problems and I love paying attention to detail and being good with my hands helped.


Love of Classic Cars

I love classic cars especially the Triumph Stag. My interest in classic cars is a result of my dad buying a brand new Triumph Stag in 1973, his pride and joy.

As the years went by his Stag was hardly used and he needed some money to buy a new conservatory. My dad agreed to sell the Stag to me knowing it would be very well cared for and he would still be able to enjoy it on those rare sunny day.


Engineering Experience

My engineering work experience started when I left school at 16 years old. My first job was with an engineering company called Johnson’s Construction Manchinary Limited that used to make construction site plant machinary such as dumper trucks, folk lifts trucks, heavy duty water/mud pumps and concrete vibrating rods and screeds. My apprenticeship was 5 years which enabled me to be trained up as a Fully Qualified Skilled Craftman Fitter Engineer. Loved every minuite!!

I did 5 years of day release at Stockport College studying engineering, then I went on to Salford University to study Manchanical Engineering and achieved a Bachelors of Science Degree with Honours. My first job after University was with Land Rover where I was a Development Engineer which involved developing new prototype vehicles at the MIRA providing grounds in Warwickshire and included testing ABS braking systems on frozen lakes in Sweden (fantastic experince). During this time I achieved my Chartered Engineering Status.

The Estimated Cost of Your Repair

My pricing tends to be very competitive as I work for myself and from home so my overheads are low which are passed onto my customers.

My work tend to come from recommendations which I am very grateful for as it reflects that people are happy with the quality and standard of my work.